Geoff Alswanger (D)

Stamford Board of Finance

Director, Long Ridge Camp. Geoff spent 20 prior years helping to lead technology companies in areas such as finance, which included strategic planning, public accounting audits and financing. Current Volunteer Service - Fire Commissioner - Stamford Fire Department, Past Volunteer Service - Board of Education member (2010 - 2017), President four of the seven years.
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Insist on strategic, multi-year plans to comprehensively address road improvements, revitalizing school and other city-owned properties and ensure our Public Safety capital needs are sufficiently met. Participate in City Labor negotiations (as part of the Board of Finance oversight role) with a special focus on finding opportunities to address changes to work rules that would yield taxpayer savings. 
Each board in Stamford has their own focus and prerogatives which must be understood and respected.  It is therefore important that the Board of Finance's communication about actions it takes is clearly understood by other stakeholder boards.  Attending other Board's committee meetings or inviting other board to speak in Committee meetings should be based on the issue at hand.  One example of an important  communication is for the Board of Education to work closely with the Board of Finance (in the BOF Education Committee) to inform members about education cost trends and challenges facing the BOE.   

While no one board can mandate such interactions with other Boards, they should be encouraged and be willing to spend additional time attending such meetings. Informal discussions that members of one board can individually have with a member on another board can also be beneficial.  
Ensuring much needed investments are made to the City's infrastructure (Public Safety, Schools, and Roads), which will help improve quality of life for our residents.  
In order to accomplish this, strategic plans for areas being addressed must be completed.  Involving key stakeholders is imperative in order to build a common set of objectives.  Investigating all opportunities to fund the infrastructure needs, including engaging the State of CT and identifying any National funding available. Focus on identifying operational savings (generated based on new Capital funding) that can be used to fund these new investments in the City.