Fritz G. Chery (D)

Stamford Board of Education

Owner, Co-Founder of Grace Daycare & Learning Center

The Achievement Gap has been a serious issue for years in Stamford. Companies like GE funded several programs that attempted to close this gap, however, GE has left the State and those programs have since stopped. My solution is to reach out to new companies in Stamford like Charter Communications in hopes that they will reinstitute these programs by funding them.
Diversity is the greatest strength of our Public Schools and yet also create some of our greatest challenges. Having students that speak so many different languages forces our city to find new and creative ways to teach them. As a Haitian-American that was raised in this amazing city, I look forward to taking on that challenge.
The Board of Education is responsible for working with the City and its entities to educate our children in a safe environment. In doing that, the BOE should clearly and consistently communicate that work to taxpayers and be held accountable to them.