Daniel Dauplaise (D)

Stamford Board of Education

International Labor and Employment Law Attorney

In my conversations with parents and teachers, one item that seems to come up repeatedly is communication between schools and parents. There are a number of both smartphone applications as well as other methods that could be used to keep parents regularly informed about their child's progress and ongoing classroom activities. This is something that could be standardized across all schools.
The greatest strength for the Stamford Schools is the great spectrum of experience that it can provide. Diversity of students, diversity of educators, educational offerings, geographic diversity - students can participate in Agricultural programs, award-winning school newspapers, band, second language programs, magnet school programs, and countless other offerings at all of Stamford's schools. But - at the same time, this fantastic spectrum is a weakness if not communicated properly. Because of the incredible range that Stamford has to offer, the Stamford Public Schools often have difficulty highlighting these things, and as a result, create a perception that the schools may not be as great as they are. Ensuring that we communicate how incredible the SPS is - that becomes the challenge.
The Board of Education functions as the Board of Directors of the Stamford Schools. In that function, Board members have a responsibility to City Government and City Taxpayers to ensure that we are providing the highest quality education and the lowest possible price point - and ensuring that each dollar that is spent is being done so wisely, and with the best interests of Stamford students. The Board, through its members, also has a responsibility to represent the needs of the school zealously before the Boards of Finance and Representatives, through which the Board of Education budget must meet approval.