Nicola Tarzia (R)

Stamford Board of Education

Founder, The Tarzia Group, specializing in building services
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Buildings & facilities need attention. Our buildings are old and need constant updating and repairs. This is a top priority because our students and teachers need to be safe, feel safe and feel that we have a healthy environment to be able to teach and children are able to learn. One of my top priorities would be the continued and constant advocacy and support of prioritized city spending on facilities. With my extensive construction and mechanical background, I feel I am the perfect candidate to lead this effort and deal with the many issues at hand. I also have experience dealing with the other boards and people in the city to help expedite monies and solve problems.
Our greatest strength is our diversity. The greatest challenge is the achievement gap. We need to create an environment where all children are capable of learning and feel that they can learn. The children need to feel comfortable in a good environment where they can use their minds to solve problems and learn properly.
The Board of Education should oversee the City of Stamford's monies that are allocated for education. We need to have a proper and sustainable budget to produce the best product we can, which is our children and our future. We need to ensure a good value for our taxes with education as the city's top priority. Also, to ensure quality education for all students and their learning capabilities. Working and proving to other city boards (planning board, board of finance, board of reps) that our educational system is the basis to a successful city. Education is the foundation of every community. Being a responsible Board of Ed member and to be able to create a value proposition with a conscientious budget - as not to overspend while at the same time working on our efficiencies.