Jeff Curtis (D)

Stamford Board of Representatives, District 14

Retired Hospital Facilities Management Operations Manager (35 years)
Home (203) 968-1234 Cellphone (203) 667-1228

Elected officials are elected to work for their constituents, so every time I talk to a constituent, in my opinion, it’s a job interview. I remind people that their vote is very important and that to make the process work, everyone needs to be involved and let their voices be heard in the ballot box. I also let them know that they can reach me anytime, that I will always be available to help them with whatever issue or problem that is of concern to them, the 14th district and the City in general. As a volunteer, I take into consideration everyone's hectic lives and numerous responsibilities, I would impress upon them the importance of getting involved in some small degree in their community. It doesn't need to be a full time involvement, It can be as simple as reporting potholes, burned out street lights, forming neighborhood watches, or just forming a group to meet and discuss issues with your elected representatives. Together, we can make Stamford a better, more affordable place to live for everyone.
Having served on the Board of Reps from April 1992 through December 1998 as well as the Planning Board from 2004 through 2008, and the Democratic City Committee. I have experience in all aspects of city government, having dealt with Operations, Public Safety and Health, Urban Redevelopment, Labor and Contract Negotiations, Housing and Community Development, Transportation as well as serving on a Special Task Force on the Hart School Expansion and Renovation project, I have served as Chair or Co-Chair on Public Safety and Health, Operations and the Urban Redevelopment committees. I participated in anti-crime vigils in the 9th District West Side of Stamford, and the clean up of Stillwater Avenue during my tenure on the Board. My strengths are experience, community concern and a willingness to be involved in helping my neighbors and the people of Stamford
Every constituent has issues that are a priority to them, so there are many issues I would classify as a priority. Chief among them are schools, mold, taxes, public safety, over development, traffic and pedestrian safety. As I walk the district talking to people, their biggest concerns are ever increasing taxes and diminishing property values. Seniors are feeling pushed out and younger people are finding it impossible to be able to afford to live in Stamford. We need to look at what we do, what we spend, how efficiently we spend the taxpayer's money.

As a retired Hospital Facilities Management Operations Manager, It is my opinion that the issue of mold in schools and city building is the #1 priority. Unfortunately, It is going to cost more the remedy the problem, than it would have cost to prevent it from happening to begin with. As I stated earlier, this stems from lack of maintenance by the former contractor responsible for maintaining city buildings and schools. But we hold a stake in this problem as well, we (the City) did not do our due diligence with the contractor.

I want the people of the 14th District to know that I am an independent thinker, and vote my conscientious based on what I feel is best for the people of the 14th District and the rest of the city.