Jack Bryant (D)

Stamford Board of Education, Special Election

Former head of the Stamford chapter of the NAACP

I believe the top priority should be making sure our school buildings are a safe learning environment for our Students, Teachers and Administrators. That includes physically safe. As we have become aware of, maintaining our buildings has to be a top priority. They must be buildings that exhibit a successful learning environment that motivates our students to be successful. Although this remains a fiscal issue I would reach out to our Legislators who I have created a good partnership relationship with while serving as President of the Stamford NAACP to make sure they too see this as a priority when decisions on the State Budget are discussed. I will also rely on my relationships with Board of Finance and Board of Representatives Members to make sure the Stamford BOE Budget can fiscally maintain our school buildings.
The greatest strength within our Stamford Public Schools happens to be the Students and Teachers. I have witnessed great success stories from Students I have traveled with to visit Historically Black Colleges and Universities across the country for the last 15 years. Some of those students have been accepted on the spot to these prestigious HBCUs while visiting because of their resume achieved during their high school years. Their teachers played a large role in their achievements. Hats off to our Students and Teachers! Challenges for our Stamford Public Schools continues to be money. I don’t think we get our fair share of State Funds due to the broken ECS System. This has had and continues to have an adverse affect on our children receiving what they need to become successful in their educational endeavors. But somehow the Board of Education seems to make it work with a budget that doesn’t reflect the diversity and special needs of our Students. That is a big challenge that is addressed every year.
To make it across the finish line in successfully educating our Students, ALL City Boards, City Government and Tax Payers MUST work together to make it happen. They all must work together to accomplish this goal. Our children are depending us. We ALL must realize what is at stake if this partnership fails. The priority must be the same across ALL Boards and Tax Payers. There is SO much to lose if we don’t. Our Students success will have a positive affect on our Communities. That must be on the minds of those that serve on these Boards, City Government and Tax Payers. It’s not rocket science. If we ALL work together for this common cause we will see the fruits of our harvest.