J.D. Ospina (R)

CT House, District 145

Healthcare Worker, Math tutor and Veteran

Yes I do. Smart and fair voting laws begin with opening the window of opportunity to vote.
I can support increased regulation in our state's utility companies as long as they improve storm management response and don't add to their cost of doing business since that cost may get passed down to the residents. I will write and support laws that tie performance to top executive compensation.
It is not fair that Stamford gets the most limited of funds from Hartford, and it is truly disproportionate to the amount of income tax that we send compared to a few other counties.

My first step would be to look for cost-savings as to blunt the impact of decreased funding for other districts, if it is necessary at all. I will also ensure that the need in Stamford is heard in our state capital by attending and participating all required hearings and debates.
I believe that in person legislative sessions are more effective. That being said, I would ensure that safety protocols in are place including regular COVID testing and social distancing measures.

Other priorities of mine would be to lead a safe reopening of our schools and our businesses. As a math tutor, I am getting referred plenty of students who are falling behind much more than before. The number of students that are suffering decrease quality in education due to distance learning is staggering. But again, we would first look at a safe reopening of schools.