Brian Merlen (G)

Stamford Board of Representatives, District 7

Audio engineer for books for the blind
203 559 4530

I am working to build community gardens all over Stamford in order to give non land owners produce growing opportunities and to emphasize local resources and sustainability! Thankfully many incumbents are into this idea and I hope to push it through quickly to beautify Stamford!

I'd love to implement even more progressive concepts like making Stamford a sanctuary city, universal basic income and minimum wage hikes (though I need to fight the state law on the last one so we can bump it up like other towns have started doing so). These loftier goals aren't as realistic in the shorter term but in the longer term I hope to make them gain traction. My main goal is helping people and preventing corperations from taking advantage of our districts
Encourage involving the public more in the process via social media. Technology needs to be used more effectively to keep residents more aware of local government initiatives and processes. Most people have no idea what is going on especially in local politics and I think we should change this
I ran previously for State Rep with the Green Party. I have been a lifelong activist mostly centered on providing recreational opportunities to youth. This year in March I bought the Greenwich skatepark at auction and gave away all the ramps to free public Skatepark's in other communities (norwalk, new haven and New York since Stamford didn't want a second facility). I had previously patched up the new haven facility and procured ramps for Norwalk as well. I lobbied as a youth to create the Stamford skatepark and am so glad we successfully pulled it off! If anything my activism as a youth has forced me to continue as an adult and in Michael Moore fashion I've purchased an extensive fleet of eight arri and red cinema cameras. I'd like nothing more than to make a positive impact in the world.

Growing up with two mentally ill parents and catching cancer during the recession when I graduated SCSU has taught me a lot in terms of humility and helping my fellow citizens. I cannot in good faith not try to help those around me facing great struggles like I did. I cannot in good faith not fight for those around us in peril! I believe in Medicare for all with all my heart and will fight as hard as I can for all progressive causes! We all need to fight for these causes as hard as we can!