Eva Maldonado (R)

CT Senate, District 27

Republican, Independent
Former Chair, Stamford Republican Town Committee, Former Stamford Police officer for 31 years

I am so proud that I have the right to vote. Many may find it an inconvenience to go cast their ballot in person on election day. There are still many countries where the right to vote is denied, therefore, my true feelings are that it should be a National Holiday and we should celebrate with our community the beauty of our State and Country.
I believe that the State constitution is not denying the people of Connecticut. We currently have the right to vote via absentee, if needed, especially during the Pandemic. Other reasons may be discussed in the future. Early voting has worked in other states and maybe it should be studied in Connecticut, but first we must fix the election issues that exist in our State.
The rate increases that took effect this past July coupled with the seriousness of the storm underscored the need for action, including greater transparency in electric bills. The bill that was passed last week starts a conversation for what the future of energy will look like, but the ratepayers deserve a thorough review of complex energy issues in the coming session. I want to be clear, that I do not fault the failures of the storm response on the hard-working men and women on the front lines of repairing electric lines. Rather, it is a failure of top-level management and lack of communication. The legislation that passed starts to hold utilities more accountable and is one step forward in an important dialogue on affordability and reliability.
Connecticut has one of the highest spending per public schools and our city is not getting our fair share. Every two years we hear the same talking points form the career politicians of increasing the amount or seeking bonding for projects, etc. but lets be honest with a deficit of over two (2) billion, this is not going to happen. We all know this; the correct answer is to cut spending in other areas because the best we can do for our children is to provide a great education. We are NOT getting our return in our investment. Our children deserve better.
Transparency and accessibility are essential to good government. It is my opinion it should be an option when needed, but not permanent.
What is not welcome is a totalitarian behavior by leadership. The legislators cannot stop making laws, for the betterment of the state and to ease us through this and another unknown crisis.
We are in a standby position facing potential loss of jobs, homes, and health issues without any clear direction from our State and local government. My priority will be to get resources and input from all areas of the stakeholders of our State. We are in this together.