Carlo Leone (D)

CT Senate, District 27

Deputy President Pro Tempore of the Connecticut State Senate. Homeless Veterans Outreach for SSVF program. Served in the United States Air Force from 1981-1987.

I support making it easier for anyone to vote and have their vote counted. Imposing roadblocks and delays only weakens our democracy.
Yes, new and improved regulations for our utilities are required as evidenced by the recent and past failures from the responses to hurricanes and severe storms. I co-sponsored and helped pass the Take Back Our Grid Act because quite simply a public utility that must provide fundamental services to all residents should not be in the hands of an out of state for-profit entity with allegiance to shareholders in lieu of the general public.
I will continue to fight for the funding for our schools as in the past. Having strong relationships with colleagues across the state as well as with former and current administrations have resulted in bonding and new school construction funding for Stamford High, Strawberry Hill, Wright Tech, Darien OxRidge, Rogers Elementary, Domus Trailblazers, and more. In the upcoming session I will propose funding for assistance in providing Mold Relief to our Public Schools and work with our Educators and Parents to respond to their concerns.
It is clear that the Covid-19 pandemic response has upended almost all normal practices. As we have worked to modify public engagement and transparency, it is also clear we will have to update statutes to allow for more flexibility in how we function as a a state and to utilize technology in an efficient, yet safe and secure way. This will be a priority for the 2021 session, as the crisis may not yet be over, and we will have to insure the General Assembly can function to best serve the state and our community.