George Hallenbeck (R)

CT House, District 146

Telecommunications professional, Rear Commander with the United Power Squadrons, former Young Mariner Education Officer
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Nov. 3rd is our national election day. Adding it as a national holiday might improve voter participation.
I support the recent legislation covering our states Utility Company. What I would really like to see is real competition in the form of additional suppliers.
The formula (The Education Cost Sharing: ECS) used to calculate the state funding need to be adjusted based on the most recent census. Currently there is a significant imbalance between what Stamford contributes and the proportion that is returned when compared to Bridgeport, New Haven and Hartford. Ref: . The Education Cost Sharing (ECS) currently accounts for well over 50% of the total state contribution to public and secondary education.
I support a more robust Online access to legislative sessions.
COVID has shown us the need to develop alternative means of communicating.