Daniel J. Fox (D)

CT House, District 148

CT State Representative; House Chairman of the Government Administration & Elections Committee; Judiciary Committee, member; attorney with Curtis, Brinckerhoff & Barrett, P.C. in Stamford, CT

Yes, I support early voting in Connecticut. As House Chairman of the Government Administration and Elections Committee I was the lead proponent in the House of the early voting proposal. I believe that some of the primary factors to be considered when examining early voting opportunities are that we ensure the privacy and sanctity of each vote while finding ways to encourage increased voter participation.
Yes, and the General Assembly recently passed House Bill 7006 which I believe is a first step towards holding the big utilities accountable to ratepayers. The issue is not just that we pay a lot in Connecticut, its that we do not get much for how much we pay. An important aspect of the recently passed bill that I think will have an immediate impact on the services received is that the bill develops minimum staffing levels for lineman, communications personnel and others to make sure the utilities respond to storms quickly and convey information to their customers in a timely fashion. There is much more work to be done to fully address these issues.
Yes, I will continue to fight for the residents of the City of Stamford as I have done every year since first being elected. There are going to be some very difficult decisions to be made by the next General Assembly primarily having to do with the state’s finances. If elected, I am committed to working in a bi-partisan manner when making these difficult decisions. We will need to focus on job growth and job training and examine our state’s spending practices so that we are spending within our means while avoiding cuts to programs and services that are important to our constituents.
Yes. Government functions best when it is transparent and accessible to all citizens. The strength of our economy is linked to our ability to contain the virus. Stamford bore the brunt of infections, illnesses and loss of life in the spring. So many in our city suffered from the unpredictable and dangerous illness. We took important measures to contain the virus and the results of those efforts have been evident as our numbers of infected cases remain low. The most important challenges facing our state include workforce development, healthcare, transportation infrastructure spending and education funding. The manner by which each of these issues are addressed by our state government will determine Connecticut's future. The current pandemic intensifies the critical need to address and find solutions to these challenges. We need to focus on bipartisan, responsible solutions at the legislative level to tackle these issues head on and secure the financial future of our state.