Kathleen Stowe (D)

CT House, District 149

Financial Executive. Vice-Chair, Greenwich Board of Education.
(203) 769-1311

Yes. Voting is one of the foundations of our democracy. While I personally enjoy the feeling of going to the polling station and casting a ballot, I believe we should allow our citizens to vote in any manner that can be done safely and efficiently.
It is important that we as the citizens of the state have a strong say in how our utilities operate. The Take Back Our Grid legislation provided PURA with some specific guidance and tools, like performance based ratemaking, credits on your spoiled food and medicine and reduced charges when lack of preparation leads to outages lasting more than 96 hours. There should be some financial recourse for lengthy outages like what occurred with the recent storm. I also would like to think more broadly about improving our infrastructure as we are all increasingly relying on our Internet connections as we work from home or have remote schooling.
I understand this problem all too well as Chair of the Budget Committee on the Greenwich Board of Education. We have watched our funding from the state decline every year. I also understand how difficult it is to manage unfunded mandates from the state and national level. I will advocate tirelessly for funding to the public schools since I believe education is the foundation of any community and we need to invest in our children, and the state needs to be a part of that solution.
Absolutely. Increased transparency and engagement with the community on all topics is essential. As a Board of Education member we have had to increase our zoom licenses on certain evenings since we have so many community members in attendance and while I hope we get to see the public again in person, I believe we should always have live online access so people can engage on any topic from home.