Fritz G. Chery (D)

Stamford Board of Education

Owner, Co-Founder of Grace Daycare & Learning Center

Google Classroom has become vital for our Teachers, Students, and Parents. I believe the district will be using that platform permanently in all of our schools moving forward. Therefore, now is the time to offer as much training/instruction as possible for using Google Classroom as well as aggressively collecting feedback from all parties to improve the overall experience.
Administration and Board of Education members walking each building on a regular basis. When you are physically there in the buildings, you will clearly see the challenges before us.
To me, Priority number one would be to ensure we have safe buildings for our Students and Staff to be in every day.
Having eight years of Commercial Real Estate experience, I feel that the most meaningful impact I can bring to the city is improving the Board of Education's focus on our buildings and how we may better maintain them.