Corey Paris (D)

CT House, District 145

Director of Development, Children's Learning Centers of Fairfield County. President of Connecticut Young Democrats. Board Member, City of Stamford - Mayor's Multicultural Council.

I will fight for the people of Stamford and will work to usher in a new era of justice, equity, and progress for our communities. Over the past 20 years, Stamford has become less and less affordable for the average working class resident and out of touch to their needs, wants and desires. This leads us to ask: who has Stamford been changing for? New horizons require bold visions that take political courage. It’s time to fight for a Stamford that the middle and working class can afford to live in, stay in, work in, and thrive in.
Improving public education is certainly a top priority for me. I want to embrace and prioritize 21 Century innovations for early childhood education and K-12. Stamford Public Schools cater to an incredibly diverse group of constituents and we need Hartford and Stamford to see the beauty behind this, rather than view it as a costly burden. It’s time our schools get their fair-share in state and federal funding, and if elected State Rep, I’ll fight for Stamford Schools to get their well-deserved part of the pie. Education needs to be a critical issue for everyone, regardless of political party. A well-educated society will bring an innovative economy in addition to a more equitable criminal justice system and, overall, raise the quality of life in society. Without education being at the forefront of our focus, both Stamford and Connecticut will not be sustainable for generations to come.
As a State Representative, my top budget priority from the funding generated by the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 would be expansion of COVID-19 vaccination accessibility and economic relief for District 145 businesses. I want to ensure everyone has quick and safe access to vaccine distribution sites and re-instill a sense of trust that minority communities and People of Color have with vaccinations. I want to help the over 100 businesses and Mom & Pop Shops in the District and all small businesses statewide--that are faced with the decision each day of whether they can afford to continue staying in business or have to close their doors for good--get access to financial aid services and resources to stay afloat.

Another top budget priority from the funding generated by the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 would be allocating funding towards early childhood education programs. Doing so will enable families to go back to work with peace of mind knowing their children will receive the best quality and affordable early childhood care.
I am honored to have Senator Miller’s formal endorsement and am proud to consider her as a mentor and have her unwavering support for my campaign. I admire her previous efforts to increase public safety in District 145 and will emulate the work she did if elected. Mirroring what Senator Miller did in Leone Park after a horrific shooting in 2015, I want to install more lights and emergency call boxes to all parks in the District. If elected, I will work alongside the Stamford Delegation, including Senator Miller, so that residents and their families can enjoy the recreational facilities on the West Side and South Side with ease.