Ryan Fazio (R)

CT Senate, District 36

Connecticut native, renewable energy professional, volunteer tutor, public policy advocate, and elected member of the Greenwich Representative Town Meeting

I want the 36th to have as much turnout as possible. I am absolutely for more voting; I am for expanding permissible excuses to vote absentee. However, I think election day is a sacred day in our country, and I believe it is essential to encourage as many people as possible to vote on election day. This means that we should take steps to make it as easy as possible to vote. While I hope to encourage as much in-person voting as possible, I think we should make sure people have the option to vote absentee if they have difficulty voting in-person on election day.
Our economy has been lacking for decades. It is no secret; everybody knows it, even my democratic opponents will admit it. The question is how we can solve these major problems, such as our unfunded pension programs. The first solution is we need to slash the bloated budget. We must do a complete in-depth analysis of the state's entire budget and ensure that we are not wasting a single penny. We need to cut taxes as well. Sometimes I think our senators forget that this money is the people's money. Every dollar spent is coming from a taxpayer that would rather have the money.
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I know many constituents are concerned about crime. We have seen, in the 36th district, a concerning rise in crime in the last year, which is unacceptable. The second area of focus would be local zoning rights. There has been a push in Hartford to take away local zoning rights, and the people of the 36th have made it clear that they want control. The third major issue I wish to deal with would be infrastructure. It is imperative to the future of our state that we solve our infrastructure problems. To judge my success look to whether or not you see improvements in these areas in the next year.