Marilyn M. Abbazia-Lodato (-)

Stamford Town Clerk

Owner/Connecticut Liquor Permit

I would improve communications by making the city's record keeping process more customer friendly. I would make sure the public felt very comfortable coming into the town clerk's office to access documents, record documents and perform title searches of documents in the vault. Coming from the background of a real estate paralegal, I know many of the current staff who have been there for years, and I would recognize the value of an appreciated staff.
While all the roles of the office of the Town Clerk are important, I think the accurate recording of deeds is the most important as these documents must be recorded properly by assigning a time, volume and page. Title searches are done for a purchase or refinance and the title searcher relies on the accurate recording and filing of documents in order to prepare a complete and accurate search. It is impressive to see the preservation of deeds of the City of Stamford that go back to the 1700s. My background as a real estate paralegal provided me with the knowledge of the proper order in recording documents and that is why I am best suited.