Joshua Esses (R)

Stamford Board of Education

Lawyer, Stamford native, and three-times Stamford Public Schools graduate
(203) 912-2064

I'll give you one: making sure the administration is being held accountable to parents and teachers. Their input must be taken seriously before major policy changes are implemented. Parents have been blindsided by the decision to eliminate tracking at middle schools, to eliminate some Advanced Placement classes at Stamford High School, and by the cancellation of midterms and final exams. Our district needs to be much more responsive to the concerns of our parents and teachers.
The students are, and should be, the greatest strength of Stamford Public Schools. As a graduate of Stamford schools, I made lifelong friends from all walks of life, that I cherish through today. My peers were a delightful combination of creative, eclectic, diverse, intelligent, and interesting, in ways that students in our neighboring communities could never match. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.
I will work with the Mayor's office and the city's engineering department to ensure that Board of Education buildings and facilities professionals have their input included when the city seeks to build and maintain our infrastructure. The process for building and maintenance is anything but straightforward--the most stark example being that the Mayor is in charge of building our school buildings, but the Board of Education is responsible for their maintenance. Proactive communication across departments and governing bodies is key.