Bradley Michelson Bewkes (R)

Stamford Board of Representatives, District 1

Representative, District 1
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Keeping taxes as low as they possibly can be. Preserving the environment, safety, and accessibility to our parks, beaches, and harbors.
When the Board of Education, Planning Board, and Administration all wanted a public / private partnership solution to our schools this past term - we were on to something. Perhaps the idea came from the wrong person or group of people, and wasn't vetted enough, but public private partnerships are a solution that we need to look more deeply into. Rebuilding schools should not fall solely on the taxpayers of this City or the State and our policies should include alternative educational paths such as Charter schools, which in other cities have served underrepresented populations with great success.
The more the Board of Representatives activities are publicized in an unbiased way, the more we hear from constituents. This engagement enables all Board members to vote based on constituent feedback, rather than their own ideations.