Thomas G. Dougherty (-)

Stamford Board of Representatives, District 2

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My focus will be to make Waterside the best place to Live, Learn, Work & Play for everyone. In meeting with many or our residents, I find they want everyday quality of life issues are important. My focus will be the support infrastructure improvements, cleaner and safer neighborhoods, and controlling development.
In addition, I plan to work with the new administration and other City boards to ensure District 2 interests are properly represented. We need to get our fair allocation of capital project investment so key improvements can be made.
Waterside is a unique community in Stamford with very diverse neighborhoods - we need to continue to optimize our assets improve everyday life for all.
Collaboration among the various City Boards and the Mayor is critical if Stamford is to improve its schools’ infrastructure and education of its children. The success of our education system depends on everyone working together, politics aside. I’ll work to help bring the various Boards together to ensure focused investment in Stamford schools to facilitate and promote the education of our children.
Communication is key educate and to get people involved in the process of improving our neighborhood and our City. I have been active in my community attending meetings of the Waterside Coalition as well as neighborhood association meetings. As your City Representative, I plan to continue my participation and provide our updates on important issues that affect our community. In addition to in-person meetings, I’ll look to leverage email and technology (social media) to keep everyone informed. It is an informed constituency that helps make the right decisions for the betterment of its neighborhoods.