Bonnie Kim Campbell (D)

Stamford Board of Representatives, District 5

Special Education Paraeducator, Stamford Public Schooks

The top priority would be to support a Charter Review of the Stamford Zoning and Land Use boards to assess fairness, equal access and equity for taxpayers(landowners as well as renters). Additionally, request the Board of Representatives seek a detailed review of Ordinance No.1268 Supplemental Providing for the Creation of An Affordable Housing Trust Fund (Trustees of Fee-in- Lieu monies paid by developers); to ensure fair play to residents and businesses in the Westside, District 5. All to preserve existing and the creation of deeply affordable rentals and home ownership. Overdevelopment is rampant throughout the city and there are no checks nor balances being administered to preserve the Neighborhood Plans and their contribution to the Master Plan.
My priority will be to contribute to unifying the Democratic caucus to seek absolute transparency from all stakeholders, even if it includes administering FOIA requests to connect the dots of the environmental problems with our infrastructure crisis. Seek to work earnestly with the Republican Representatives to preserve control of Stamford's educational real estate for future generations to have voice in their destiny collectively. Seek expertise of our state and federal delegations to leverage the COVID-19 Rescue Funding to rebuild our schools,mold free, air conditioned with a view to creativity and a design that will place our schools in a stronger position to be the model for schools of academic excellence and superior workplaces for our staff.
Municipality communication can be improved in my district by providing personalized constituent navigation services by way of regular workshops in our neighborhood zoom & in-person gatherings. Collaboration with the City of Stamford departments, boards and commissions is vital to educate the public keeping in mind that there are still many of our citizens who are not digital. We must give citizens more time to tell their stories at town meeting. Our municipality needs to TALK LESS & LISTEN MORE. Recalibrate the coordinates of our city and redirect our path. Conversation is vital to understanding each other. I look forward to hearing all of our stories!