Charles Pia (R)

Stamford Board of Representatives, District 7

Property Management
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To make sure that Glenbrook is kept a family friendly neighborhood. One where we are proud to raise our families. To work with our zoning officials to support the wishes and needs of our community. To fight for the proper amount of parking spaces allotted to building units to alleviate the overcrowding of our city streets. To work for you, to give us a neighborhood that we can all be proud to call home.
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First and foremost, it is important for us to be good listeners. To hear what is said and, to respond to it in a positive way then, to help to the best of our ability. To not worry about our personal emotions but, the emotions of the people around us and, of those that we serve. To ask for the input and feedback of the cummunity and our constituents. To work together as PEOPLE, not as parties but as people. And to always talk straight and be honest. That's just what I believe and, what I will do! That's my promise to you!