Anabel Figueroa (D)

Stamford Board of Representatives, District 8

Board of Representatives
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My main priority will be to propose a mitigation committee to study and review plans to analyze the impact of flooding since this is affecting so many residents not only economically but psychologically.
I am aware that rebuilding and fully funding our schools won't be easy since this would easily lead into a tax increase, however as a member of fiscal committee for the last 20 years, I have learned how our budget works allowing me to approve funds required for the well functioning of the schools. In addition I am a good listener and when making a decision i always listen to those involved including teachers, parents, students and other boards.
I have an open line of communication with my constituents and general public, either by e mail or by phone. Very often I check up on them, and let them know that I am always available to talk or answer questions. So, I will continue to communicate clearly, succinctly and with humility remembering that my constituents are like a customer. Customers are always right. Communication, honesty and transparency are very powerful keys and if every elected official applies them, every tax payer will or should be satisfied.