Lynda Roscia (-)

Stamford Board of Representatives, District 8

Semi-retired/ Building manager
(203) 249-5482
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. I am running for this office because I feel we need a new voice, the voice of the people who live in District 8. Nearly twenty years is enough of the same old policies and groupthink, new blood is needed to get things done in this city and truly provide for the needs of the District. The top priority is to find out what my constituents are most concerned about. I plan to be available to our District and be the first point of contact with prevailing issues. Traffic, public safety, clean streets, improving schools, and upgrading city parks are my priority. Primarily restoring, Hunt Park and launching an inquiry as to where the money from the State for the strip of land we sold them during the expansion of Courtland Avenue. That money was supposed to be used to improve the park, but nothing has been done.
I believe that working together and determining where the needs are the greatest is a starting point. I will personally visit all the schools in District 8 to personally observe the state of the building, the grounds, and the classrooms. I will work with the parents first, and then the students as their concerns are the most significant. Then I will take those concerns to the teachers and work with other boards to see if their needs and concerns are similar in our districts and see what projects we can work on together. The taxpayers' needs and concerns will be my priority.
I am here, I am available and will be steadfast in responding to your concerns in order to get them to the proper entity to achieve the need change. Try to minimize the red tape that makes basic things take too long. No reason why we can’t get to the heart of the matter and get it resolved. Unlike the stagnant past, new ideas and new enthusiastic Representatives are needed for change, that’s what I will do my best to achieve for you, the taxpayer.