Francise Jean-Louis (D)

Stamford Board of Representatives, District 10

Board Member of Mayor's Multicultural Council. CEO of Steel Point Printshop, Creative Director
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To build long-lasting relationships with the community's people, working with communities to promote health and wellness, and establishing wellness programs and initiatives. Adept at preparing and maintaining a calendar of outreach activities, including community workshops, events, and other communication opportunities and developing reports based on the community's progress.

Once I get a better understanding on what the community needs, I can start to strategize on how we can collectively work on setting realistic goals to advance our youths. Working in the school system in the past has granted me better insight on how we can organize and mobilize the community.
Being the liaison to connect the corporations and organizations that want to serve the community on a grassroot level. The disconnect between the age generations, I intend to be the bridge between the generation gap.