Cara Gilbride (D)

Stamford Board of Representatives, District 11

Owner, Callalily Studios- Photographer
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Our roads and traffic safety top my list. While knocking on hundreds of doors and listening to your concerns, it is clear there is an overwhelming need for greater pedestrian and cyclist safety, while we keep traffic flowing. I will advocate for a routine schedule that keeps our roads in shape, drainage working properly, and sidewalks and crosswalks clear and visible. Our District needs a proactive approach to representation; Maureen and I are those voices.
I am currently working closely with the Strawberry Hill School principal to draw attention to the many traffic and safety concerns affecting his location during pick up and drop off. I recently brought the Board of Reps. Public Safety Committee, PTO, and Stamford PD together to discuss mitigation efforts on site. This is the type of coordinated leadership and experience I will bring to District 11 as your Representative.
Our current Representatives do not use email, social media or other forms of digital communication. Maureen Pollack and I view this as a serious problem to be solved. When information vital to the community needs to be disseminated, the failure to either be informed or get the information out as quickly as possible, hurts the community. We will make every effort to use every tool available to ensure open lines of communication between you, our neighbors, and us, your Representatives. We know that not everyone uses email and social media, so we will always be available when you call on the phone.

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