Jonathan D Jacobson (D)

Stamford Board of Representatives, District 12

Board of Representatives (D-12)
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Public safety is my top priority. Unfortunately, District 12 is one of the most dangerous neighborhoods for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists in our city. This danger is due in large part to overcrowded streets, deteriorated sidewalks, and a lack of any meaningful bike lanes.

If re-elected to the Board of Representatives, I am committed to reinvigorating our District’s roads and walkways, expanding the neighborhood parking permit program, and prioritizing alternative means of transportation.
Communication is key to coordinating with the various Boards within our City. When the City’s administration proposed a public/private partnership as a way to fix our crumbling public schools, the Board of Representatives should have taken on a more active role in formally inviting members of the Boards of Finance and Education to express their views on the subject in a combined public forum.

Moving forward, greater coordination with the various Boards is essential. In order to accomplish this goal, I intend to not only speak to other Board members directly, but to ensure that they are given the opportunity to take on a more active role with the Board of Representatives during official BOR meetings.
While I pride myself on responsiveness by telephone and by e-mail, I intend to take a more active role on social media, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Further, my running-mate, Ramya Shaw, and I intend to start a regular e-mail list and host community meet-and greets within our neighborhood.