Eric Morson (D)

Stamford Board of Representatives, District 13

Democrat, Independent
Board of Representatives - District 13
(203) 703-9550

Let me share two:

1) Fighting for better roads, bridges, and flood control. I’m tired of potholes and crumbling streets in District 13. Our bridges must be more frequently inspected and better maintained and, when rebuilt, done so with focus on longevity. Short term repairs cannot be the norm. Hurricane Ida revealed far too many locations where flooding wreaked havoc. Wherever land, drainage, and watercourses need attention to minimize these events in the future we have an obligation to pay proper attention. I will ensure that City departments involved know what District 13’s concerns are, and that action is taken.

2) Our Schools: School When proposals for school infrastructure are presented, I will spare no effort to keep Roxbury School at its current location as a K-5 school. Stillmeadow School cannot be left behind as the City focuses on buildings in greater need, as its needs must continue to be met. Westhill High School may be completely rebuilt, and I certainly want it to be a world class facility, built to last more than the 50 years the current building has. Neighborhood schools are an integral part of the fabric of our city and need to remain the vibrant part of our communities that they are.
Clearly, our school infrastructure requires urgent attention. The ongoing mold crisis and aging facilities are in critical need of careful long-term financial plans that afford our students and staff a safe, healthy, and technologically up to date environment in which to thrive. I will work with the Education and Fiscal Committees of the Board of Reps, the Board of Finance, and the Board of Education, lending personal and professional perspective and guidance wherever possible. My relationships with members of our multiple Boards positions me well to make a positive difference.
I held many town hall meetings during this term and will continue to do so. Whether in person or via Zoom, I will make sure we have every opportunity to talk together. Some of these town halls will be with Reps from neighboring Districts that share common concerns, and guests will always be invited, particularly if there’s a broader concern to be addressed.

I was part of the City’s website vendor selection and design committee, and promoted the plan to invite residents to voluntarily provide an email address ONLY so your City Reps can reach you more directly.

I’ll continue to use social media (Facebook, NextDoor, etc.) and invite everyone to share their email address with me for more personal conversations. And as always, my home phone number is open for your calls, so please do reach out at (203) 703-9550.

Thank you for your support, and for taking the time to read about me and other candidates for office. I hope I have earned your support for re-election in service of District 13 and the City we love.