Carmine Tomas (D)

Stamford Board of Representatives, District 15

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The current disrepair of our schools and property taxes are two major concerns when speaking with Stamford residents in my district. These two items will be my top priority on the Board of Representatives. I believe that our schools maintenance should be properly funded and managed. I plan on having an open dialogue with District 15 school administrators to better understand and keep abreast of infrastructure deficiencies at each school. As for property taxes, I believe that an examination of the current property tax revenue needs to be done in order to make sure large commercial property owners are paying their fair share in taxes.
As a member of the Board of Representatives I will focus on working with all members of the various boards, regardless of political affiliation, to resolve the maintenance deficiencies and renovate our schools to the standards befitting our youngest residents. We must act in a way to restore parent’s confidence in Stamford Public Schools infrastructure. This means shifting from being reactive to becoming proactive when dealing with maintenance of our schools and holding people accountable for negligence. A concerted and focused plan among the Board of Finance, Education and Representatives will be needed in order to reach our common goal of having our children learn in a safe environment.
There are a lot of things happening in the City of Stamford at all times. Not all Stamford residents have the time or energy to shift through all the information that is readily available on the City’s website. So, my running mate, Sean Boeger, and I plan on providing some type of platform via social media and/or a digital newsletter to better inform our constituents and the general public on key issues affecting our District 15 and Stamford as a whole.