Fred Pierre-Louis (D)

Stamford Board of Representatives, District 16

Teacher/Researcher and member of the Stamford Board of Assessment Appeals
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The top priority that is specific to my district is to enhance or, at the very least, preserve the quality of life for the district-16 community.
Most of the community members I have talked to are concerned about property tax increases, overdevelopment with consequences on traffic and the education system, and crumbling school infrastructure.
Renovating or, in some cases, rebuilding some of our schools is very critical to our success as a city.
I will collaborate with fellow representatives on the Board of Reps, work with members of the Board of Finance, Board of Education, and State Representatives to advocate for sufficient money allocation to our school system in support of our students.
As a public servant, I will earn the trust and confidence of my constituents and the general public by being transparent and honest.
I will be available by phone and email, attend neighborhood events, and organize neighborhood town meetings.