Mary Fedeli (R)

Stamford Board of Representatives, District 17

Board of Representatives
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Quality of life issues are what resonate to the citizens of the 17th District especially traffic congestion, parking, taxes, development and most importantly our schools. Springdale like many other areas in Stamford is made up of young families with children, baby boomers whose children have gone through the school system and senior citizens who have lived in Stamford their whole lives and want to stay here. It is my job as their representative to hear their concerns and work towards solutions.
On the bigger issues such as taxes and rebuilding our schools I will continue to scrutinize the operating budget each year and work collaboratively with the new administration and other boards to look at all possibilities to fund our schools failing infrastructure. I will continue to make sure that Springdale School gets their fair share of Capital project money so that improvements can continue to be made. It is important that the Village Commercial District not be expanded, I will continue to work to ensure this does not happen.
Clearly this is a huge issue for the City that will require ongoing attention. It is very important that the elected boards communicate and share information. There is no room for politics on this this issue, the three boards must work together and find solutions. During COVID the Fiscal Committee’s of the Board of Finance and the Board of Representatives worked together on the budget, there is no reason why the boards cannot work together to solve this issue.
During this next term I will continue to participate and be a member of the Springdale Neighborhood Association where members of the communities meet and have access to me as I have been since I was elected. I would like to work with the Association on an initiative where members can opt in to share their email address with their Board of Representatives allowing more access to constituent’s emails for a newsletter. In lieu of that I will be speaking to the Association about having a “Reps Corner” on the Association website.
I also plan to hold Town Hall meetings during the term to hear from constituents directly. Facebook and Nextdoor will continue to be viable ways to notify constituents of important events happing in the Springdale area.