Karen Camporeale (D)

Stamford Board of Representatives, District 18

Founder and CEO of The Urban Apparel Group

My district has been largely ignored and taken advantage of. Services are almost non existent. The schools are crumbling and taxes are climbing. My neighbors in the Springdale area are dealing with bad roads, flooding, and ridiculously high taxes and no one is listening to them! No one is fighting for them! Just south of the merit (effecting north Stamford) the zoning board is constantly trying to change our neighborhoods by proposing things like multi mid-rise apartment buildings that just do not fit. My top priority is to fight for my district and bring transparency of government to it through social media efforts.
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This is one of my great frustrations as a Stamford resident – the failure of our representatives and office-holders to better communicate with constituents. To that end, I have for years been involved in going door-to-door to listen to and inform residents, both in my district and throughout Stamford. I have very much enjoyed this aspect of campaigning, too, as there truly are so many wonderful, dedicated, interesting people in our city. Additionally, since starting my campaign, I have started District 18 social media pages on NextDoor and Facebook, intended to further conversation not just between constituents and me, but among residents of our neighborhoods, sharing concerns and needs. And, this is in addition to the standard mailings that most candidates already do. Lastly, I am committed to continuing to knock on doors and keep the two-way conversations going. I hope you will join our group; https://nextdoor.com/g/qekd26ycr/