James Grunberger (D)

Stamford Board of Representatives, District 18

Retail store builder and property manager, Community Organizer, Third generation retail and manufacturing fine jeweler, all in Stamford

We have a flooding problem during heavy rains below and beside the farm that became Sterling Farms Golf Course. Geologically, the area is overburdened with glacial till which causes the bulk surface water to travel horizontally instead of being absorbed into the soil. The stream below the course was rerouted but it was built in a configuration that allows the energy of the storm water to easily overcome it's banks flooding dozens of homes.
Of equal priority is street safety for pedestrians and cyclists dodging speeding vehicles.
Each day for 35 years I work alongside a top builder, Andy Caruso, who is more of a "construction scientist".
We know how to kill mold and we know that unless you find the water source the mold will return.
Staying on top of mold is a normal part of routine maintenance. We need to handle decades of deferred maintenance one building at a time. This will require coordination between the 10th floor, Health Department, Engineering Department, Board of Ed and the Board of Finance. Communication. Communication. Communication.
I will return all texts and emails and everyone will have my contact information. Additionally, I will organize in-person neighborhood meetings bi-monthly to share quality of life issues and look for solutions just as I have done on the East Side for over 20 years.