Charles Florio (R)

Stamford Board of Representatives, District 18

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As I have done throughout my 2 years as a Member of the Board of Representatives, I will continue my efforts to maintain and improve District 18 as a great, safe area to live, raise a family and negate or minimize any Tax increases. As a Member of various Committees, I will support my constituents on all issues facing the area. Over development, traffic, police presence and environmental issues have been successfully addressed during my tenure as a Representative.
I will continue my support of all matters that will enhance the lives of all District 18 Residents and the City of Stamford.
The school buildings and the school system overall is an area that desperately needs to be addressed. I am a Member of 2 Committees, albeit not school nor Board of Education but actively stay on top of all other Committees and their respective issues. The physical structures have been in decline for years and the mold issue are 2 areas that need to be addressed immediately. The quality of our public schools from an education standpoint also needs upgrading. The unfortunate reality is that surrounding towns have done a better job and have stronger reputations when it comes to public schools. The need to rebuild our school system is critical in maintaining Stamford as a desirable place to live and raise a family. The quality of our schools and the education of our students impacts many aspects of Stamford such as real estate values and the desirability to move into the area.
Stamford Board of Representatives does have a very good website where residents can ascertain a significant amount of information about what is going on in their area and in the city. Board and Committee Meetings, minutes and videos are posted and maintained current. We need to educate constituents on the ability to go on and access this informative information.
Many of my Constituent inquiries are about solving a specific problem or issue they face. I believe a more detailed contact and responsibilities should be enhanced on the City Website.