David A. Wilburn (-)

Stamford Board of Representatives, District 18

Technology Executive
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Quality of life in our district is priority number one. Overbuilding in already dense areas, such as Springdale, has caused significant traffic congestion and hasn't improved the quality of life for any surrounding areas or districts. The condition of our roads and sidewalks require repair and have for quite some time. Working with representatives in adjacent districts to hopefully align on goals and ideas, in my opinion, is also essential to successfully representing those in district 18.
We need to get back to a place where we are having conversations to find solutions. Too often, people are more worried about winning an argument and not about addressing a solution. Fixing any problem requires addressing the root cause of the issue, and doing so, requires open dialogue, feedback loops, and crafting plans that are fiscally responsible and make long-term sense. My professional experience lends itself well in terms of working well with others, often with opposing viewpoints or interests, to find common ground that allows all of us to be successful. The quality of our education system and the condition and safety of our schools is a key component to attracting and retaining new businesses, small and large, and directly correlates to property values. I think this is less about coordinating my priorities with other Boards and more about aligning on crafting and implementing a long-term solution. What we shouldn't do, is to keep throwing money at a problem knowing it will not "solve" the problem, only mask it. Additionally, we waste an awful lot of money on consultants without an understanding of their qualitative value.
I am a believer in transparency. There are many forms of communication and different ways people like to communicate. Phone, email, and text messaging are table stakes - we need to move beyond these mediums and include social media and video town halls for our district concerns. I am very direct, open, and transparent, almost to a fault, and I believe this communication style will resonate well with our community.