Don Mays (D)

Stamford Board of Representatives, District 19

Safety Engineer - Retired
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Many North Stamford residents feel they don't get the services they deserve or pay for through their taxes. As an example, the roads and bridges in North Stamford have been neglected for far too long. Broken pavement and overgrowth that encroaches on our roads and sidewalks make them unsafe for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. I will push to ensure the City maintains our infrastructure properly by not just refilling potholes, but by using sustainable repaving technology that will last. In addition, I will work with the city to see that overgrowth is regularly cut. By setting performance standards for city services, we can help ensure better efficiency, lower long-term costs, and excellence in our operations.
Strong education leads to a strong community. I will work with the BOE to help ensure schools get the funding and tools they need to provide our students with a top- notch education. In addition, mold and other facility problems need immediate remediation. I will support hiring the right engineering firms to solve the problems with our school buildings in a cost-effective manner. Those firms must be held accountable for the results.
Good communication with my constituents is essential for effective representation. I will work with other Board members to hold Town Hall meetings, which can be an productive way to listen to and understand the concerns of North Stamford residents. In addition, I will continue to use social media, email, and phone to connect with my constituents, and work to address their concerns. I will continue to keep residents informed about issues that are important to them and to our entire city.