Ashley Ley (D)

Stamford Board of Representatives, District 20

Urban Planner and City of Stamford Environmental Protection Board Member
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My top priority is to protect and enhance quality of life services to the 20th District. Specifically, to promote infrastructure improvements such as paving, sidewalks, safe routes to school, healthy school buildings, and enhancement of our parks and public spaces. The 20th District is home to several of the City’s premiere recreational spaces -- the Stamford Museum and Nature Center, Bartlett Arboretum, and Chestnut Hill Park. However, there are also many roads, sidewalks, parks, and public spaces in disrepair. Maintaining North Stamford’s infrastructure and valuable public spaces and institutions that attract new residents, educate our children, and support our local economy is critical to the future of the 20th District.
Supporting our public schools and promoting excellence in education is not only important for Stamford’s families and teachers, but also the long-term economic health of the City. As a member of the Board of Representatives I would work with other boards to establish and fund a fiscally responsible long-term maintenance and capital improvement plan so that we can not only fix the issues at hand, but prevent them from occurring in the future.
I will be accessible via email and phone, and will maintain a social media presence for relaying important information for the 20th District in a timely manner. In addition, as an urban planner I am experienced in facilitating public participation and engagement sessions, and plan to use those skills to hold quarterly “town hall” style meetings to hear constituent concerns, build consensus, and work towards common goals. I would also work with the City to improve access to information, and would support efforts to further improve the City’s website, broad-band capabilities, and online services (e.g. permitting, meeting notification, and major project updates).

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