Hubert Delany (D)

CT House, District 144

Public Affairs Advisor

My time as an Army journalist has helped me tell the story of our military all over the world. I have led Soldiers and participated in operations supporting NATO's anti-aggression operations, humanitarian disaster relief, international crises, and the Army's Coronavirus Response.

I am proud of the operations I have completed and the Soldiers who I have led. But I believe that it is my love of Stamford, and my desire to listen, that give me the best attributes to serve our community.
Investing in Education : I want to secure funding for our essential buildings, increase access to equitable education opportunities, and expand community programs that will put our students and community first.

Lowering Cost of Living : I want to develop fiscally responsible solutions with state and other local leaders to tackle the rising costs of living in our city.

Simulating the Economy : My plan is to provide long-term economic stability and growth to the businesses in our community, and to make it easier to do business in Connecticut.

Aiding Our Seniors : I will fight for lower prescription drug costs, property tax relief, and social security tax exemptions so that our seniors can age with dignity in the city they call home.

Supporting Veterans and First Responders : I know what it is like to serve on active duty, and I know what is like to transition back home as a veteran. If I get sent to Hartford I will work to expand access, funding, and communications for the benefits and resources available to people serving in the line of duty.
My favorite part of this election has been knocking on peoples doors. I have been blessed to have met hundreds of families. Most people have told me that they are worried about COVID's effect on their loved ones and friends. With the Omicron Variant on the rise I strongly support the continuation of emergency powers. I also believe that it is the responsibility of our State's leadership to make fast-acting emergency measures to adjust to further variants of the virus that put peoples lives at stake.
It has been the resounding call from the families and neighbors in the 144th District that we focus on the infrastructure of Stamford's Schools. If I win this election I will fight for the funding we need, but I will also work to direct how we spend that funding. I believe that it is not just about having new buildings that don't have mold, but about caring for and maintaining those buildings as well. We must preserve the value of our children's education.