Hubert Delany (D)

CT House, District 144

State Representative, 144th District. Member of the Appropriations and Judiciary Committees. U.S. Army Sergeant, public affairs advisor, photojournalist, and paratrooper. Commissioner of the Stamford Patriotic and Special Events Commission.

As a Stamford native, I’ve experienced the vitality of The City That Works my entire life, and when I enlisted in the United States Army in 2015 I knew that’s what I was fighting for - our community. I have served our nation ever since, witnessing countless frozen and unworkable situations across the globe be repaired through thoughtful and intentional leadership. When I finally returned home - to a Stamford where families were being pushed out because of rising costs, small businesses couldn’t afford to stay open, and school buildings were falling apart - I knew it was my time to take thoughtful and intentional action. On February 1st, 2022 I was sworn in at our capitol as the State Representative of Connecticut's 144th District and I promised to do my utmost to uphold our faith in our constitution and in our government.

In the months since, I've been able to work with lawmakers, community leaders and residents to uphold and expand my campaign promises of Investing in Education, Lowering the Cost of Living, Revitalizing Our Economy, Protecting Our Seniors and, Fighting for Veterans and First Responders. I am proud of the ways we've been able to create change in Stamford, but the work is not done. Luckily I know, my experiences as a Son of Stamford and America have given me the tools to continue to make change.
On the heels of the pandemic, I devoted much of my time to passing legislation that put more money into our schools, revitalized the Stamford economy, and provided extra care and support for veterans, first responders and seniors. In the upcoming legislative season I have an extensive list of priorities. However, there are two priorities that I believe are particularly important to our district in this upcoming session Education and Cost of living:

Moving forward, it is imperative that we take an intentional stance against inflation and rising costs in Stamford. We have made large strides in securing the state’s largest ever tax relief, $7 million for use by non-profits, the lowering the business tax rate for unemployment insurance, and establishing the JobsCT program, but there is still a ways to go. Making Stamford a place that is affordable for residents and a catalyst of growth for our economy is of the utmost importance to me.

Similarly, Stamford has historically not received its fair share in school funding. I am very proud that my colleagues and I worked in this past session to ensure that our government invests more heavily in Stamford Education - securing not only well over $204 million for school construction projects over the next 25 years, but expanding eligibility for the School Breakfast Program, and our debt free community college programs. However, we must continue to invest in fiscally responsible solutions that will give our students and teachers the support they need.
I absolutely support early voting, and I believe that we have a responsibility to make it easier for individuals to vote.

While stationed in Fort Bragg, NC I was awarded the "Volunteer Service Medal" after I spearheaded a program to register Soldiers to vote by absentee ballot called “Boots to Ballots”.

While at my first legislative session I voted to support a bill to expand access to voting making it easier to allow commuters, healthcare workers, and those caring for someone who is sick or disabled to all vote by absentee ballot.

Early voting is crucial in fighting the possibility of voter suppression. Key benefits to early voting are increased accessibility for people who may have difficulties getting to the poles and who may look to avoid crowds, and early voting options are essential for all people who wish to exercise their right to have their voice heard. I am a strong advocate for early voting in CT.
Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973) is more than a case but rather a symbol recognized by the majority of Americans. Although It is currently among the most contested issues in our constitutional law I wholeheartedly support the safeguarding and improving CT's abortion rights laws.

I co-sponsered the passing of the Reproductive Freedom Defense Act (one of the strongest abortion defense laws in the country). As a member of the reproductive rights caucus, I have pledged to lead the charge in the creation of policies that defend a woman's right to choose. Our laws and systems are put into place to protect a woman's right to decide when and if she is going to have a family, and I support that.

Lastly my colleagues in the Reproductive Rights Caucus and I have recently held a strategy session and press conference with Attorney General, William Tong on on the way forward in defending abortion access in Connecticut, and I plan to continue to work with my colleagues to lead in the battle for a woman's right to reproductive healthcare.