Mitchell Bell (R)

CT House, District 144

Senior Computer Professional
203 722 3512
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I'm motivated by the current economy and CT legislative norms. I've been president of my local HOA, a few other local clubs along with a long and successful career as a Vice President in many familiar institutions. Would like to bring reason and practical experience carefully exercised through the years to our state assembly for the benefit of Stamford.

Priority number one is to review the over 1400 Legislative unfunded bills that will increase our property taxes to determine if some can be repealed or replaced. Priory two is to see how Stamford can better benefit through consolidation of various city programs throughout the State.
I do not support early voting as election day should be one day for everyone to vote. Absentee ballots for those ill or out of state are fine but we should not have opportunities to cheat.

CT has a proud history supporting abortion. The current federal changes should not affect our state laws.