Corey P. Paris (D)

CT House, District 145

Democrat Working Families
State Representative District 145, Member, Appropriations, Education, and Environment Committees. Chief Development Officer, Children's Learning Centers of Fairfield County. Vice-Chairman for the Mayor's Multicultural Council for Stamford. Board Member, Association of Fundraising Professionals. Board Member, The Stamford Partnership.

First and foremost, it has been a tremendous honor to serve as a state representative for the 145th district. Working on behalf of families, children, and the city of Stamford, in the legislature provides me with the insight to work with my colleagues in the Stamford delegation and from across the state to build a more resilient future for all those we represent. I believe that I am uniquely qualified to be re-elected because I understand firsthand the challenges facing our friends and neighbors. Instead of attempting to identify solutions from a state perspective alone, it's vital to work with, hand in hand, leaders on the municipal and federal levels of our government.
If fortunate enough to be re-elected to this office, two issues of priority and focus will remain student loan debt forgiveness and early childhood education. Both matters cause unprecedented challenges for young people, working families, our economic prospects, and the outlook for our future in multiple areas of interest.

In the previous session, I was proud to introduce legislation to create a student loan forgiveness program for Connecticut residents who attended school in our state and remained in our state post-higher education experience. This program would mandate community service each year to have $5k of their loans forgiven for up to four years.

Secondly, raising the reimbursement rate for our ECE programs across the state and paying preschool teachers a higher wage would greatly benefit young children and their families. Currently, the state spends less than 2% of our budget on 0-5 programs, which accounts for 90% of brain development and growth for our future population.
Yes! I wholeheartedly support early voting in Connecticut!
We are one of four states that do not have an early-voting option in elections - expanding access to early voting will provide the chance to increase civic participation across the state, help voters who often commute for work in New York City or Boston, aid aging populations, and decrease long waits at the polls on Election day. Trends across the nation prove that we Americans are open to safer, secure elections but are more engaged when we have more options to engage in the democratic process.
My position on a woman's right to choose is simple: I will continue to support and protect a woman's being able to make decisions regarding their reproductive rights. Abortion should be legal, safe, and accessible to women across our state and available to women who seek care in Connecticut. Therefore, I support and will continue to work for and advocate for strengthening the codifications and protections of these laws.