David Michel (D)

CT House, District 146

Democrat Working Families
CT State Rep District 146, Consultant / Wholesaler for High End Eyewear Designers

As an advocate and activist for Social Justice all of my adult life, I prioritize in responding to people's issues, concerns, grave at times, and always do my best to get neighbors and constituents a resolve, worst case scenario point them in a direction leading to a resolve.
I care for my entire district and state, for all of my constituents, genuinely, and take very seriously my representation in Hartford.
I do my best due diligence when voting, as bills are at times not what they seem. I look upon all my activities in Hartford with a very careful eye trying to always think about how bills or decisions will affect everyone.
I have also proved I can spend the time, devoted to my district, to protect constituents from injustice, protect the public health and environment. I also scrutinize development in detail, as my district, particularly the South End part has been overburdened with pollution, by greedy developers with no scrupules, cutting corners, in part because of our remediation laws and ineffecient DEEP.
I push against all odds for bills and for changes that will help everyone, and will continue to do so should i be re elected.
More than 2 and not in order

. Environmental Justice - This is URGENT
. Healthcare Reform (cost of/access) Those who worry about costs should worry more about the cost doing nothing.
. Housing reform - Expand Affordable housing, Rent Caps, RTC funding, etc.
. Climate Change - Resiliency, Retrofitting, cleaner materials (look at the BLT low quality construction with polystyrene/EIFS walls), green roofs, a reduction of the impermeabiluty surface, planting more trees and more on flooding management techniques. We also need more stringent goals on emissions from foods, from trawlers, and protecting biodiversity
. A Blue New Deal - We need to ensure broadest and strictest environmental standards in Offshore Wind as the Ocean is the Climate Regulator, and its marine eco system is behind huge carbon absorption, and 50 to 80% of the Oxygen in the air we breathe. So a construction technique that would be silent, will not jeopardize marine life while creating 25 times the amount of work, careers not jobs and at the same time bring manufacturing home. This will bring the training we need for our new workforce and will bring stable careers for our communities. I was the proponent for the CT Offshore Wind Commission for Environmental Standards.
.School indoor temp and humidity standards
....there is a lot more to do at the state and am contemplating a lot more than what i wrote above....
i do and i support a lot more election reform. Facilitating the public to vote should be a priority for everyone. Encouraging and facilitating things for people to fulfill their civic duty is at worst, recommendable.
Other efforts would be to ensure:
. We count ABs that were postmarked by election day.
. General Election day should be a holiday.
. Ranked Choice Voting should be at least started on the municipal level so people get used to it for bigger elections and it would make it more fair.

And there is more..
I was happy and proud to vote for legisaltion that overturned the Texas new law that would make people in CT helping with or conducting an abortion susceptible to frivolous lawsuits based on some anti-abortion personnal agenda. I will always be supportive of Women Rights. My mom was a teacher and union representative and leader in France and she raised me well.