Jessica Demmo (R)

CT House, District 146

King School PA president in 2017-2018. Passionate about education, I am currently on the Board of Trustees at King
203 722 1277

I am the mother of 3 sons, a community volunteer and leader, and a former financial exec. I am excited to be running for state rep for District 146, and I will bring my passion, enthusiasm and common sense to Hartford when elected. My only agenda is to well represent the interests of all the residents of Stamford, and I will work in cooperation with both sides of the aisle in order to achieve this.
My top priority is to be an advocate for the people living in District 146. I want to help make CT more affordable by curbing state spending and lowering taxes. Connecticut’s state budget has continued to balloon bigger and bigger, and since 2011, Democrats have voted to raise taxes in CT by a cumulative $5 billion. The people of Connecticut deserve better. I want decisions over zoning and education to be made here in Stamford, not in Hartford. Zoning decisions should be made by people who understand their neighborhoods and the needs of their neighbors. Education is the key to opportunity, and all children should have access to quality schooling with a commitment to academic excellence. Schools and parents should work together so that each student can reach their own potential. Curriculum decisions should not be being made in Hartford based on political agendas - this is not the path to great schools that graduate kids who are prepared to thrive in the real world.
I support early voting - life is hectic and more fast paced these days than ever. I think it would make sense to extend the voting period to allow for a weekend day as an option, perhaps having the polls open Sunday through Tuesday.
I am pro-choice. The Freedom of Choice Act was passed in Connecticut in 1990, and codified into law a woman’s right to choose. Despite the noise, this is luckily under no threat in Connecticut.