Dan Fox (D)

CT House, District 148

CT State Representative; attorney with Curtis, Brinckerhoff & Barrett, P.C. in Stamford, CT

Since first being elected in 2011, I believe that I have proven to be a responsive legislator and effective leader. My top priority has always been constituent service and outreach. I have developed strong relationships with my colleagues in the General Assembly and throughout our state and local government that I believe can greatly benefit my constituents and the residents of Stamford.
1) Economy/State Spending: a. Focus on job training and employment development opportunities for small businesses. Specifically, we should focus on opportunities for individuals who are mid-career and are unemployed or under-employed; b. We must work to reduce state spending while protecting important and necessary services such as those assisting the elderly and disabled; c. Transportation infrastructure and education funding: there are limited dollars available and we need to continue to make sure that the needs of our city are addressed in responsible and appropriate ways to improve the quality of life for our residents.
2) Voting Accessibility: As the House chair of the committee that oversees voting and election laws, I will continue to look for ways by which voting and elections can be more accessible and secure.
Yes, I support early voting in Connecticut. As House Chairman of the Government Administration and Elections Committee I was the lead proponent in the House of the early voting proposal. I believe that some of the primary factors to be considered when examining early voting opportunities are that we ensure the privacy and sanctity of each vote while finding ways to encourage increased voter participation.
I believe in a woman's right to choose and that her health and safety should be a top priority.