Daniel Dauplaise (D)

Stamford Board of Education

Stamford Board of Education member, Attorney
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First priority is management of the budget - over the next three years, the budget will have to adjust to CARES Act funds coming to an end, and ensuring that the expansions that have been made with that aid can be made a permanent part of the SPS infrastructure. Secondly, beginning to prepare for the capital investments now possible due to the changes in state reimbursement for new construction as well as replacement of Westhill High School.
I believe in accountability through individual meetings with stakeholders - from teachers to administrators, parents, students, and support staff. A board member's responsibility is to continually immerse themselves in these meetings and use the findings there to inform their work on the board and the direction given to the Superintendent and administrators.
Implementation of the master plan, in conjunction with the new reimbursement rates, and ensuring that we are developing a school infrastructure not just for the next five or ten years - but further than that.
I do support the policy. I feel that it is important that we manage our schools to best serve all of our students. It is important that the Board recognize that Stamford has a vast range of student abilities, interests, economic situations, language ability, and cultural backgrounds. Designing curriculum, instruction, and programs that support and serve that range is fundamentally important to ensure that Stamford Public Schools is providing the best education to all of its students.