Anabel Figueroa (D)

CT House, District 148

Stamford Board of Representatives
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What makes me uniquely qualified is the experience I've acquired during the last 20+ years as member of the Board of Representatives . I have dealt with with fiscal issues, approved labor contracts, appointed various people to different boards and commissions. Most of all, I'm always listening to my constituents concerns.
My top two priorities will be Education and Housing.
I will support bringing more funding to public schools, by both reworking and fully funding ECS formula (HB5003).
I support advocating for more state support for dual language programs which will benefit both non native English speakers and native speakers of English alike.
This is a program where children that speak one language at home (Spanish for example) and children who speak English at home are put together in the same classroom, and learn one another's language. This also has the potential to improve the image of Stamford Public schools. Speaking a language other than English at home should be seen as an asset and not a deficit.
Yes, there are many reasons why I support early voting.
1- It increases voter turn out
2- It alleviates long lines on election Day.
3- It allows early identification and corrections of registration errors.
4- It provides greater and equal access to voting and increases voter's satisfaction.
I strongly believe that it should be up to a woman to decide whether to have an abortion or not. No government should interfere with her decisions.