Andy George (D)

Stamford Board of Education

Stamford Board of Education - former Chairman, Retired CFO

There are shortages of certified teachers and paraprofessionals nationwide. This, combined with rapidly changing technologies, will require the delivery of instruction to adjust drastically to a new paradigm. Proactively addressing this issue is difficult. The immediate challenge is recruiting and retaining staff.
Increasing staff diversity is important, as well. We have taken steps to improve hiring practices to ensure a more diverse workforce.
There has been outreach to parents on the development of curricula, but participation is low. Most parents are not familiar with the details of curriculum writing, such as state requirements, district objectives and program selection. Educators best understand the crafting of great curricula and how to effectively implement them. An improvement in communicating curriculum change and explaining the aspirational goals should be part of the task.
Yes, there is a high degree of integration with city Boards and administration. Within the framework of state law, there are adequate checks and balances and little redundancy.
No. The charter revisions do not have a significant direct effect on the Board of Education, but shifting decision-making authority from the Mayor to the Board of Representatives could result in slower or highly politicized decisions.