Stephen Garst (R)

Stamford Board of Representatives, District 18

Incumbent Board of Representative District 18 *Fiscal Committee Member *Land Use/Urban Redevelopment Commitee Member *Public Safety Committee Member *High Ridge Litigation Proposed Resolution Review Commitee Member. * Profession: Managing Member, Proforma Promotion Consultants

I have the working experience currently being the incumbent Board of Representative for District 18. I believe the most important strengths I have are listening, understanding and the ability to work with both parties to ensure everyone is heard and understood. If I get elected, I will hit the ground running and will continue to work for my constituents of District 18 and the residents of the City of Stamford. For this election, this position is for only 2 years, the balance of the four-year term. I will continue to fight to improve the quality of life for all. I am for the people and want to achieve the local government that you expect and deserve. I have invested many hours as member of Fiscal, Land Use, and Public Safety Committees. On Fiscal Committee I will vote to use monies wisely, to lower taxes and promote transparency through the budgetary process. I have listened to the residents of District 18, I understand their concerns and have worked with both parties to discuss and vote on resolutions. I have heard complaints on "day to day" quality of life concerns and have worked with city department personnel to resolve the constituents' issues. If I earn your vote, I will retain my committee seats and continue to work hard for you. We need to retain this seat; I am only 1 of 4 Republicans out of 40 total on the BOR and to continue to work for checks and balances.
• FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: As Fiscal Committee member I will vote to use monies wisely to lower taxes, and to promote transparency in budgetary process.
• BALANCED ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Work to retain and grow our portfolio of small to large business, and corporations to fill our corporate office parks.
As Land Use Committee member, I will advocate for development that complements our quality of life, enhance our communities and will review Master Plan update to make sure infrastructure improvements are commensurate with thoughtful development.
• PUBLIC SAFETY - As Public Safety Committee member I will promote safe roads for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.
• A FOCUS ON EDUCATION: Support for teachers and staff, improve teaching environment, reward successful teachers, monitor test scores and initiate remedial action when necessary and advocate for mental health provisions for our youth.
I am in support and advocate for public awareness and transparency. I voted in favor of the Board of Representatives budget to mail quarterly post cards for updates and the latest news on what is happening in our districts and throughout the city. I am also posting on social media for updates on community and social activities. I have meet with and will continue to attend Springdale Neighborhood Assn meetings to keep neighbors updated on items that affect our neighborhood.
As a Board of Representative, I voted in favor of the residents of Stamford to have the voice and to ensure the democratic process. This was done so you can decide on how you want to shape the future of our great city. This is our Constitution for the city, please take your time and do your due diligence and get the correct facts on why the Charter Revision Commission have made these changes. I will be voting yes.