Vito Quivelli (R)

Stamford Board of Representatives, District 20

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson at Brown, Harris Stevens Connecticut . I've helped build houses for Habitat for Humanities, in underprivileged communities. . Supported Vets with disabilities find proper care. . Volunteered in soup kitchens feeding homeless and displaced individuals. . Served on the financial board of directors for Smith House, helping patients with much needed repairs to their building. . Serve as a member of the Knights of Columbus, helping raise funds for the many charities in Stamford. . Constant supporter and volunteer of Special Olympics and all of the work they do. . Volunteer stock food pantries that support Synagogues and Churches, especially during Thanksgiving.
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I have 30+ years of experience in senior corporate positions, in the areas of finance, marketing and negotiation skills, dealing with both government and private industry.

As an immigrant of Italian and Spanish parents, i learned from an early age that education is the key to accomplishing things. Education and gaining knowledge is how we all should function, the more you know about an issue the greater you can make intelligent decisions. I left a country, Brazil, at a time when the military was taking over and decisions were made for you. Today, we are living in almost the same conditions that existed for me 50 years ago, governmental decisions are being made for us. I want to make a difference; I want that we the people make decisions that affect us. This is the campaign that I'm running under, "We the People" decide what is best for Stamford.
Town planning as it pertains to development going into North Stamford would be my top priority.

North Stamford was originally designed to be a green area for suburban living. With the expansion of development, we are seeing High Ridge Rd. turning into a major construction project for residential rental buildings. The infrastructure is not set up to accommodate the influx of hundreds of apartments that will be added to the old Xerox and Nestle complexes. In addition, we are seeing a development of 18 rental townhomes on the corner of Wire Mill and Long Ridge. The adding of sewer lines, water pipes and all the other infrastructure requirements will greatly affect the environment that currently exists along this road. Not to mention that Wire Mill Rd. is the only through street between Long Ridge and High Ridge Rd. today. In case of a major incident, how will fire, police, EMS be able to service these people, if something happens on Wire Mill Rd. that prevents them from traversing this road. Travel from North Stamford to center of town is heavily congested today, what will the addition of almost 1,000 apartments near the entrance to the Merritt Pkwy do for traffic then?

I would like to review what alternative structures can be built, so as not to cause major upheaval to the area. Perhaps single-family homes that add to the tax base and will cause less infrastructure buildout. I'm open for negotiation.
I plan to be active on committees and always circle back to the people that placed me in this position of responsibility, always acting in their best interest.
Perhaps have monthly get together meetings to discuss items of interest.
I have my personal view of the Charter Revision, there are some good points and some not so favorable points. It should have been looked at as individual line items. However, as an individual I ask that everyone read it and understand it. My opinion is not important, it's the people that I'm representing that matter. As an elected official, too many elected individuals tend to offer their opinion. I believe that it's the constituent's that you represent that have the opinion that matters most.
In business, as a leader, I take the opinion of all sides of a situation and look for common ground for a decision. Today, politicians tend to vote their opinion and force it on their constituents, then try to convince them that it's the right approach. I ask for consensus then establish the decision.